“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the training. My life changer results were definitely what I needed to motivate me to take better care of myself. You were very understanding and positive and that is exactly what I needed to become motivated to change my life around. I appreciate all the advice and positive reinforcements you gave me, especially when I didn’t think I could do something. You reassured me that even if I couldn’t do it now, I will be able to in the future. Working hard will get me to where I want to be and I just have to be patient and work at it.

I’m going to work on my confidence issues and hopefully that will go into improving my mindset of myself. 

Again I cannot thank you enough for the sessions! “


February 12th, 2018


At your request I am providing you with this evaluation. I’d like to start by saying how pleased I am with your personal trainer services.

Applying the Canfitpro Training Principles at Foundation Manual p 7:

1) FITT: In designing my program, you have considered the frequency ie how often the work outs; intensity ie difficulty level of the program as measured by load,reps , watts , etc; time ie how long each component should last and how much rest the client should have; type ie the choice of exercise used for a given component of the program. The program you have designed is challenging without being overwhelming. You have been consistent in writing down the daily exercise routines and monitoring my progress with weekly weigh- ins. You have maintained a cheerful disposition throughout and offered encouragement, sought feedback at end of every workout. You have demonstrated your knowledge of the human anatomy and knowledge of the specific exercises that develop specific muscles. You have been punctual. You have at all times conducted yourself professionally.

2) Individualization: you have made the programs and modifications to accommodate my individual needs re core development, overall strength and 8 pack abs;

3) Spec ificity: you have made the program specific to my desired results re strength ie bench press max 315lbs, 8 pack abs, handstand push ups

4) Progressive overload: ie you have continually progressively challenged my fitness through increased intensity duration and complexity in order to avoid my plateauing;

5) Recovery ie the intensity of the workouts allow me to return to the next workout at least as fit as the previous workout;

6) Structural tolerance: ie the focus on strengthening of tendons ligaments will allow me to sustain greater stresses in training with a greater resistance to injury

7) All-around development enabes me to perform better in sport, dance, and in life;

8) Reversibility: your workouts program has taken into account this principle that if we are both not consistent with our adherence to exercise any benefits will be lost and I’ll revert to my pre-training state;

9) Maintenance: ie you have designed a program taking into account that once a level of fitness is achieved , it is possible to maintain with less work than was needed to attain it.


December 17th, 2017

“Elecia Morris is an excellent personal trainer, woman, and friend. She embodies all the qualities I look for in a personal trainer. She is a genuine character and enjoys helping her clients achieve their personal fitness goals. For me, I primarily wanted to lose body fat and retain muscle mass, but I’ve gained so much more than just that. Elecia has helped me gain more confidence and more physical and mental strength. Initially, it was all physical, but Elecia’s approach is more holistic. She caters to the physical fitness aspects by her one on one sessions, but also encourages mental wellness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle as well.

By all means, Elecia is not for the faint of heart, and I mean that with the utmost respect. She is fun, loving, and caring, but can be hardcore to the bone and I don’t expect nothing less. She is an individual who leads by example and expects no excuses from her clients because she works hard, knows what it takes to reach your fitness goals, and is 100% supportive throughout the process.

I am one to not like traditional outlets for cardio like the treadmill or elliptical, but Elecia is very knowledgeable about all sorts of exercises that makes cardio fun and interesting to do. With her bodybuilding experience and training methods, each session with her is always beneficial, unique, and exciting. Elecia has helped me grow a compassion for weightlifting, HIIT cardio, and overall physical fitness and am very thankful to her for her help and support along the way.”


December 1st, 2017


December 21st, 2018

“When I first joined the gym I wasn’t planning on working with a trainer… in fact I wasn’t really planning anything at all. It was suggested that I meet with Elecia to see if there might be something a trainer could help me with; I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with her I realized there’s likely quite a lot that I could and should be doing differently.

I initially signed up for 6 months to give it a try, and have been working with her ever since. She knows how and when to push in order to keep me pushing my limits. The results have been impressive so far, I’m feeling better, looking better, and am much more energetic throughout the day (except after leg day, then I’m just sore).

If you’re like me and need a kick in the ass, some motivation, and someone to tell you what to do in order to actually achieve your goals (and not look clueless while doing it) than I would definitely recommend Elecia.”


December 1st, 2018

I met Elecia in the beginning of this year and she is truly an excellent trainer.

Very disciplined, passionate and responsible, It’s hard to find people who actually love their job. She works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Thanks to her incredible way of training, I feel stronger and more flexible, I have better balance, confidence and most importantly, working out has become fun. 

At first my goal was to lose weight, but she has inspired me to make this more of a lifestyle. Can’t wait to continue my training sessions with her! 


December 8th, 2018


December 29th, 2018

    First of all thank you! Not just because you are helping me to achieve my body goal as my trainer but most of all for being a good friend. You’re not only an expert in training and exercise but also you have an extraordinary attitude that inspired me so much!!! You’re so positive in life, your determination and hard work amazed me a lot. You are really an inspiration to me!!!

 You are so dedicated to help your clients achieve our goals, you always motivate and encourage me every sessions that I can do it even I’m terribly struggling I thank you for that..!

 I truly have an effective, amazing, fun and also sore muscles training with you..😊 I have learned a lot from you and I will treasure everything what we have shared together from workouts that you have taught me and even to our story telling about our lives….hehehe!!! You’re the best!!!! Thanks Elice…You did a great Job…!!!!Salute!!!


December 12th 2018

   Elecia has been a key driver in my recovery process after a serious injury. She has been able to slowly reintroduce me to a wide variety of exercises while also providing alternatives to accommodate for my injury. Her extensive knowledge in health and fitness has also benefited me outside of the gym. Training with Elecia has not only allowed me to complete increasingly challenging workouts, but she has also guided me in practicing healthier eating habits, a balanced mindset, and most importantly, a new sense of confidence. Her results-driven mindset ensures that you will be pushed to accomplish the goals that you have set out to achieve.



December 29th 2018

Elecia, is an incredibly inspiring personal trainer. As a client, I look at her physique and listen to her story about her path to body building and I am encouraged to work a bit harder to achieve my personal weight goals. She is also so very personable and makes the challenging workout appear to move faster. I enjoy my training sessions. 
She is very professional and that is important to clients, like me, who are always on a tight schedule.


January 3rd, 2019

   When I first started training with Elecia, I was very insecure about myself and how I looked. But then months passed by and with the help of a little courage and determination I slowly gained my confidence back. I’ve been training with her for more than a year. Myself together with the people around me witnessed the drastic difference it had on me not only physically, but also mentally. What I have noticed was being able to work out few times a week disciplined me and changed my perspective about life; giving importance to yourself and taking care of it is the beginning of one’s self-love for themselves, and Elecia taught me this. Every time I have a training session with her, it feels like therapy, because aside from teaching me the proper forms and “How to’s” of exercises, she teaches me about lessons about life which made me enjoy training with her much more. Elecia has become one of the biggest motivators that I have in my life right now, she became a big part of why I am better now as a person than before. Thanks, Elecia!!



January 4th 2020


January 21st, 2020

Elecia has been my personal trainer for the past two years. She’s been simply… awesome! She’s very engaging and caters her training to my skill set and goals which is greatly appreciated and successful.


January 9th , 2020

Elecia has been my personal trainer for one year. She always has a smile on her face and trains with a positive attitude! She pushes me to be my best and always encourages me to keep going! I have gained confidence in my abilities and my strength over the past year while losing close to 10 pounds!  She is an inspiration to me and to all women. I say this because she does not subscribe to gender stereotypes and pushes you to be your best self.  Elecia has taught me not to make excuses based on the fact that I am a female in my 40’s with children. I have used this excuse in the past as a reason why I cannot lose weight. It can be done with consistency and hard work! Thank you Elecia for helping me to believe in myself and my strength! I would highly recommend Elecia as a personal trainer to anyone looking to better themselves inside and out!


January 30th 2020

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